Who are We?

We are one of the pioneers of ecommerce in Nigeria, having launched as SSM Nigeria in 2005 and doing over 18,000 cash on delivery in lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Ilorin and Abeokuta before 2010. We recently launched Paykobo.com to explore our online presense, Paykobo.com as also served thousands of customers and some of the testimonials are as follows:

What are we Selling?


Technology Products

Join the best opportunity in 2015

Since 2000, over 15,000 millionaires have been created by the GSM revolution, but the same cannot be said for Internet data since 2008. But here is the opportunity, with an existing marketing base of 93Million users. You are going to be one of the millionaires created by this market.

  • VOICE Market Statistics



    Millionaires with
    huge success
  • DATA Market Statistics



    Millionaires with
    huge success
    Welcome to your
    new opportunity

How much can you make?

Depending on the amount of data users in your area

How many in your area?

You make as much money as customers that order from your resellers on a daily basis, and your job is to try to reach as many buyers as possible, since they will keep coming back on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our data is cheaper than direct network data, so, they will definitely keep coming back.

How do you get across to those customers?

By supplying to Recharge Card Retailers

You sign up a minimum number of scratch card dealers, supply them data cards, and refill them consistently. You make a fraction of every sales they make on a daily basis, so basically the more resellers you have under you, the better your chances of making more money.

How do you benefit from this?

Potential High return on investment

The good thing about this is, you make money every single day, as long as people consume data and products, you’ll continue to make money. This is the best opportunity you can have in a long time because it’s a market that would remind you of dealers who started the GSM revolution far back in 2001, only this time, the customer base is there already, all you need do is tap into it.

Is it a safe investment? In case it doesn’t
work ability to recoup investment.

Partners have a right to recall their security deposit in case they wish to walk out. However, this is most unlikely.

Low investment requirement.

To encourage our reseller partners to expand quickly, we are giving out credit facilities to partners who qualify for it. That way, you can start up with the minimum recharge card sellers of 40. And have at least 40 people work to earn you money on a daily basis.

Will people buy this?

Besides the fact that a lot of customers order it online, the real question is: will you buy it? If someone offered you cheaper data, that really works, and direct from the telecom provider will you buy it?

The question is as ridiculous as the answer, of course, everyone loves to save money, so why not. We buy in bulk and sell in small chunks.

How to get started

1. Sign up as a reseller

2. Order for the free intro Pack


As a Paykobo Zonal Coordinator You are entitled to commissions based on sales you close with any of your sub-dealers. , You will be entitled to credit facilities which means you will have access to our products on credit You will also be entitled to our products at discounted rates. This provides a fantastic springboard from which you can start up your own business.

Request a call with one of our reseller specialists. For more information on becoming a Paykobo Reseller Partner email the Paykobo Reseller Team

At Paykobo we recognize your role as our exclusive distributor in your state and will therefore empower you with specialized training programs, higher discounts, exclusive brand ownership, and direct massive traffic to your business. You will have a dedicated account manager who will assist you throughout the whole partnership journey with PayKobo. You will make money from every data recharge sales in the state.

State Coordinator
Zonal Distributor
Exclusive Brand Ownership    
Discounted Rates
Commission on delivery  
Pick Up Points Commission  
Specialized training programs
Dedicated account manager  
Trade Shows
After sales support
Bonus Products  
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