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Cleyver: Hybrid Work Innovators

Established in 2018 as part of the Incept Group - which led sales in Europe as a communication solution - Cleyver was born to offer a wide range of products that adapt to hybrid settings. They are an innovative company that has since inception been committed to staying at the forefront of technology to meet the evolving needs of the modern workplace. To cater to customers' demand for simple and affordable technological solutions, the company started with quality headsets that adapt to business needs. Presently, they offer professional telephones and a comprehensive suite of collaboration tools for hybrid work, driving team productivity.


Why You Should Buy Cleyver Products

Cleyver's affiliation with the Incept Group indicates that it operates with a strong foundation of industry expertise and adheres to established standards, helping to build trust in the quality of its products and services. The company's series of hybrid work equipment delivers quality performance while adapting to the modern workspace setting. Regular feedback loops and continuous improvement are integral to Cleyver’s strategy, keeping the innovative brand on the front line.


Where to Buy Cleyver Products in Nigeria

Paykobo.com is the place to get genuine Cleyver products. In addition to offering the best price in the market, we offer guarantees and return policies on all of our products.


Some of Cleyver's top products include the following:

Cleyver Meeting Track Bar 

Cleyver USB HD 902 K Pro Webcam

Cleyver CC60 BT Speakerphone

Cleyver NW65 UC

Cleyver HW20

Cleyver ODHC65 USB Duo

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