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Large Conference Room Solutions

Get video conferencing equipment for large conference rooms at Paykobo. Find solutions for group video calls of up to 21 people and more.

At Paykobo, we sell video conferencing equipment with HD video cameras, speakers, cables including everything you need to make your meeting a success.

No matter your business needs, we offer large room conferencing solutions compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, and more.


What is A Large Conference Room

If you are hosting a meeting with more than 15 people in a conference room, then you need video conferencing equipment that is specifically designed for a large room.


A Large conference room, hall, or meeting room is a room provided for hosting events such as business conferences and meetings. It is commonly found at business offices, large hotels, convention centers, hospitals, business halls.


How to Choose The Right Video Conferencing Equipment for A Large Room


When it comes to choosing the right video conferencing solution for a large-sized room, it is necessary to pick conference equipment that can cover large groups of participants.


Top Video Conferencing Device for Large Room

Here are some of our recommendations for large room video conferencing devices:

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