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Manually feeding loose-leaf or multipage documents into a scanner can be extremely time-consuming and confusing. Every time you need to scan a new document, you have to manually lift the scanner cover. Now imagine doing that for hundreds of pages.

This is why you need a sheetfed scanner. The sheetfed scanner or ADF (automatic document feeder) does all the hard work for you.



What Is a Sheetfed Scanner?

A sheetfed scanner (also referred to as an automatic document scanner or ADF scanner) is a digital imaging system specifically designed for scanning loose sheets of paper, widely used by businesses to scan documents, memos, invoices, and other important office notes.


Why Use Sheetfed Scanners:

  • Scan hundreds of documents, memos, and invoices at the speed of light

  • Save on shelf cost

  • Save time by scanning handwritten notes

  • Free up space and declutter the office.


Where to buy Sheetfed Scanners in Nigeria

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Best Sheetfed Document Scanners Our Customers Prefers

Choosing a sheetfed scanner is not an easy decision. Sheetfed scanners are not common devices. However, with Paykobo, you don't have to worry about making that decision.

This is because our sheetfed scanner category has tons of products from top brands. Best of all, we stock them at the lowest price so it is affordable for you.

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