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Audix - Leading Manufacturers of High-quality Microphones

Looking for high-end microphones to enhance your business, entertainment industry, and religious-related events with excellent sound reproduction? Audix is the perfect brand for you to purchase your most sought-after microphone products. Audix USA was founded in California in 1984, initially as the US distributor for the Japanese electronics manufacturing company of the same name. The company founders, Cliff Castle, and Fred Bigeh, later acquired the Audix name and began manufacturing original microphones with high-end products in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, as the company grew, Audix now has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Wilsonville, Oregon.


Audix is well known for its high-quality live, studio use, and recording microphones. Their lineup includes vocal, instrument, and installation microphones for small and large venues. Audix also has brand-new wireless systems aimed at professional use for bands, theaters, and orchestras. Furthermore, Audix is widely known for its OM Series, handheld vocal microphones—the world's best due to their durability, sound quality, and pricing; while the Audix D Series instrument microphones are widely known to be used in studios, live venues, and by touring bands all over the world.



Why You Should Buy Audix Products

Audix is the leading manufacturer of high-quality microphones produced with high-end products. They aim to always overcome the limits of microphone development and production, making use of its equipment to take care of every detail. According to Cliff Castle in their development journey history, he quoted that "For all models of AUDIX microphone products, we have a reference microphone to test the frequency, phase, proximity effect and directivity of response based on it". This shows that the production process is greatly monitored to deliver the best quality microphones to users while making sure to cater to each need.  


Audix delivers superior products to discerning artists and engineers who understand the difference and offers low-cost, reliable, high-performance products at a low price to increase brand awareness and increase the number of fixed customers. 


Over the years of their existence, Audix products have ultimately lived up to their founding slogan "Performance Is Everything".



Where to Buy Audix Products in Nigeria

From the foregoing, you are wondering where to get Audix high-quality microphones in Nigeria. Look no further than Paykobo.com, one of the leading e-commerce business hubs available in Nigeria. We guarantee a return policy as well as offer Audix high-quality microphones at cost-effective prices. 


Audix is the leading manufacturer of high-quality microphones and below is the list of some of their products in the market:

Audix M65 Tabletop Installed Microphone

Audix GS1 Installed Sound Microphone (Nickel)

Audix M40W12 Miniature High-Output Cardioid Ceiling Microphone with 12" Gooseneck (White)

Audix ADX12 Miniature Gooseneck Cardioid Condenser Microphone (16", Black)

Audix ADX18 Miniature Gooseneck Cardioid Condenser Microphone (22", Black)

Audix USB12 Desktop Recording Microphone with USB Output

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