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If you want to digitize your photos, or just keep the keepsakes of your family safe and accessible, a photo scanner will let you do it quickly and easily.


What Is A Photo Scanner?

A type of scanner designed especially for scanning photographs is called a photo scanner. Photo scanners are smaller than general-purpose scanners but offer high resolutions. A typical photo scanner is a sheet-fed scanner that can scan 3×5-inch or 4×6-inch photographs at 300 dpi or higher resolution. Some high-end photo scanners can also scan negatives and slides.


Photo scanners like these come with adapters for scanning slides and negatives and scan at higher resolutions than other types of scanners.​ Photo scanners are able to digitize prints quickly and easily. They usually come in a variety of features that make them versatile for different types of photography. Compared with those types of photo scanners, they are affordable and easy to set up and use.


Where to Buy Photo Scanners in Nigeria

Paykobo offers one of the largest ranges of professional photo scanners from international brands such as Canon, Epson, and Fujitsu that deliver high-performance results for prints


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