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ID Card Printers

ID card printers are one of the most convenient and secure ways to add security to your organization. They’re easy to use, they print out copies of your cards at a high quality that makes them ideal for presentations, and they can be used year after year with each batch of cards.

What is an ID Card Printer

A card printer is an electronic desktop printer with single card feeders which print and personalize plastic cards.


Types of ID Card Printer

There are 3 main types of ID card printers. They are:

Direct-to-card printer: Direct-to-card printers are used to print directly to the card.

Retransfer ID card printer: perfect for printing directly to access control cards

Inkjet printer: Inkjet ID card plastic printing is a bridge between the direct to-card and transfer id card printers.


Consideration for Buying ID Card Printers

The first step in picking the right kind of ID card printer is understanding what it will be used for. The following three considerations are very important when deciding on the choice of an ID card printer.

  • Simplicity
  • Portability
  • What you will be printing:


Top ID Card Printing Brands

At Paykobo, we stock a wide selection of ID card printers from top manufacturers. Discover Fargo ID card printer, Zebra ID Card Printer and much more at the best price.

Select from top ID card printers such as the:


No matter what your industry is, there is an ID card printer that can serve your need and meet your budget. From manufacturing to restaurants, financial institutions, and PVC printing for elections, you will find the perfect ID card printer on Paykobo.

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