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All in One Video Conferencing Equipment


Video conferencing began as a new phenomenon in the late 20th century. It had a very slow uptake and was only used by big organizations with deep pockets. Fast forward to today, video conferencing is not just an emerging technology but has become a staple for businesses large and small.


What Is a Video Conferencing Kit?


Video conferencing kits are conferencing camera that includes a conference camera, speakers and microphones, and all the required software and hardware needed for video conferencing.

Video conferencing kits come with all the required cables, adapters, connectors, and cameras that are plug-and-play with the operating systems that they work on.


Video conferencing kits are a good option if you want to buy a fully integrated system. These kits include everything you need to conduct a video conference. They ensure that the technology used is compatible with each other and that all equipment is working optimally.

These kits are easy to install and use since they are pre-configured and tested. You just need to connect them to your computer and Internet, and you’re ready to go. This saves time, effort, and money otherwise spent on testing and configuration.


Top Video Conferencing Kits


The right video conferencing kit includes:

  • High-quality speakers

  • Multiple microphones

  • Conference camera

  • All required software (including support for screen sharing)

While there are many options available, here are five of our favorite video conferencing kits for small and medium rooms:


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