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Conference Room Touch Devices

Deliver your next big presentation with the help of touchscreens. At Paykobo, we stock a wide range of video conferencing touch screen device that helps your company communicate better with its employees, customers, and audience members. They include touch screen devices from top brands such Logitech, Yealink and Polycom to mention a few.


Video conferencing is arguably one of the most important applications for touch screen technology. Many video conferencing systems use a touch screen to control cameras, lights, displays, and various other aspects of a meeting room. A single push of a button can place a call to another location, activate the lights and cameras, and start the meeting. Some of these include Owl Lab Meeting HQ, Yealink Collaboration Touch Panel, Barco Clickshare CSE 200, Logitech Tap, Poly G10-T and much more.


Touch screens used in video conferencing have similar requirements as touch screens used in any computer environment. They must be durable and accurate enough to withstand hundreds of thousands, if not millions of touches per year. Additionally, users should have access to a variety of input methods, including finger touch and stylus input.

The big advantage of using a touch screen is that it allows you to easily draw on the screen when you are presenting. This is especially useful for demonstrating a new product or service, as you can add annotations and highlight things with your finger. As a presentation tool, it is far more effective than using a pointer, which can sometimes be difficult to see.

The best touch screen devices are small enough to easily fit in your hand or pocket so you can use them anywhere. You want one that has multiple input options, including HDMI, USB, and SD card slots. This will allow you to connect the device to any number of different devices such as video conferencing cameras.

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