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Konftel Video Conferencing Solutions

Konftel is a brand you can trust, when it comes to the production of video and audio conferencing solutions. From 1988 till now, Konftel remains a pioneer in conference calls, empowering companies and organizations around the globe to meet virtually, so that distance can never be a hindrance to a company's progress.


The development and manufacturing of products which facilitate effective and workable distance meetings, is something Konftel is equipped for, they back this up with their multi-award winning simple to use speaker phones which are made of Scandinavian design, and equipped with state of the art OmniSound® audio technology. Konftel’s conferencing solutions are guaranteed to provide outstanding audio and video quality for effective collaborations.


Everything you need to transform your meeting rooms or personal work space to a video or audio collaKonftel's video conferencing solutions are well designed to cater to all room sizes - Huddle to Medium, or Small to Large and personal needs. You can use them to efficiently host meetings with clients, partners, and colleagues in other parts of the world.


Wondering why you should buy Konftel products?

These are reasons why Konftel is essential.

  • Konftel's products are award-winning.
  • Konftel incorporates the latest conferencing technologies to their design.
  • Konftel features all -in-one video conferencing solutions.
  • Konftel's conference products meet the industry standards.


Where to Buy Konftel Video Conferencing Solutions in Nigeria?

Paykobo has a wide selection of Konftel products which business professionals will appreciate. These products work perfectly for any meeting room size or personal workspace.


On our site, you can find Konftel’s world-class products such as Konftel 300W DECT Base, Konftel Charging cradle-900102094, Konftel Daisy-chain Cables-900102152, Konftel Cam20, Konftel C20 ego, Konftel 800 Conference Phone, Konftel Expansion microphones 900102113, and Konftel 300IP Conference Phone.


As a market leader, Konftel offers high quality video conferencing solutions that can’t be recreated by competitors.

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