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Audio Conferencing - Professional Voice Solutions Anywhere, Anytime

Paykobo offers the best in wired and wireless high-end conference room conferencing systems. Our audio conferencing systems integrate with most video conferencing systems and phone systems.

What is Audio Conferencing:

Audio conferencing is where two or more people in different locations use technology like a conference bridge to hold an audio call. The equipment used for these calls can be as simple as a speakerphone or as advanced as a VoIP system for your office and a bridge for the call.

For small businesses, audio conferencing is often used by employees who are traveling or working remotely. The conference speaker phone allows them to join in on the meeting without having to leave their office. Some systems allow the employee to dial into a conference line via their smartphone or computer, which is less expensive because they don't have to rent the equipment.

For larger businesses that have multiple offices, audio conferencing is one of the best ways to keep everyone connected. A conference bridge allows multiple people in different locations to connect and share information, rather than flying all over the country every time there is a meeting. This saves money on travel costs as well as time wasted on travel.

How Does Audio Conferencing Work?

Conference calls work by creating a bridge between participants' phones. In the past, this was done using special phone lines — usually analog.

Part of the appeal of conferencing is its ability to allow geographically dispersed teams to meet together, as if they were in the same room. Both landline and VoIP conferencing have a number of options for accommodating multiple people. However, each method has drawbacks.

Audio quality on both landline and VoIP systems is generally good, but does not match the quality of a face-to-face conversation. Additionally, some participants may be dropped from the conference due to lack of bandwidth or because they're outside their carriers' coverage area.

VoIP conferencing offers higher-quality audio than landlines, but can be more expensive at times because calls are made over an Internet connection rather than over dedicated lines that are billed through usage fees.

Landline systems integrate better with existing phone systems, but VoIP conferencing enables businesses to manage all their phone and conferencing needs through one provider.

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