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Creston Flex Video Conference

Creston Flex is an American company which offers an integrated support platform for video and conferencing solutions, content distribution, scheduling, management, to enhance collaboration within organizations.


Creston Flex gives you the confidence that any space you use for conferencing, you get the best audio or video experience in it, it provides you with access to video conferencing, wireless presentation, and smart room control from various devices.



Established with the purpose to develop automation solutions that transform the way people live, this company makes the execution of daily tasks easy and improves efficiency and productivity. Creston Flex stands at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge technology, consistently offering swift, sustainable solutions that cater to the needs of customers all around the globe.


A hybrid conferencing solution that works smoothly for desktops, training rooms,  home offices, and  global headquarters is what you get when using Creston Flex, as it keeps everybody connected seamlessly and securely.


Wondering if you should buy Creston Flex products? These are reasons why Creston Flex is a must-have.

  • Creston Flex is perfect for personal offices, and small, medium, and large rooms.
  • The Creston Flex platform integrates collaboration- book meetings, hold video conferences, share content wirelessly, and control a room.
  • Creston Flex constantly adds new features and functionality to their products to help you work more efficiently.
  • Creston Flex, allows you to collaborate on any platform in any room.


Where to Buy Creston Flex Video Conferencing Systems in Nigeria

Paykobo sells a variety of Creston Flex  products that suit your needs, budget, and room size.


On the PayKobo site, you will find Creston Flex products such as Crestron Flex Zoom Room with Logitech Rally Plus Camera, Crestron Flex UC-M50-T Tabletop Conference System, Crestron Flex UC-M140-T- Video conference systems for Microsoft Teams, Crestron Flex UC-M150-T-, Crestron Flex UC-M130-T-Video Conference System.

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